Here are some other helpful links to encourage your knowledge of God and how the Bible can help you better understand the "big questions" about life.

Got Questions?

This is a great website that can answer many of your questions about life, God and the Bible.

Who is God?

This is a series of videos that focus on God. Is God real? Do I matter to Him?

Bible is a great way to read the Bible online. You can also download their great Bible app for your phone! 

God's Solution for Life's Biggest Problem

We all have a feeling that we need more in life than we have. This need can only be filled by God. The good news is that the Bible gives us a clear solution to our need - a relationship with God.

Thriving Spiritually in College

A great read that can encourage you to be faithful as you navigate your years in college.

God's Promises

What does God promise for His Own?

The Resurrection of Jesus

Here is some compelling evidence for Jesus' Resurrection  - our basis for Salvation.


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